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Important Information Regarding Entries
Read Carefully

Event entry forms are available below this important information that you NEED TO READ!

You must first enter the Open in order to carry over to any of the optional side-pots. Saturday Peewee and Sunday Pony entries may carry over to the Open and then to any side-pots. 2021 Runnin’ With the Pack membership is required to enter the added money Pack side-pots.

Be sure to include any group of 50 or stalling requests WITH your original entry. Requests sent separately will not be considered. It is the sole responsibility of the contestant to include requests at time of entry. Online entries list requests in the “notes to producer” section.

All pre-entry requests are granted in the order they are received. The longer you wait to pre-enter the lower the chances are that your requested group will still be available. Keep in mind that mail takes days to reach us while online entries are received immediately. Mail entries received each day are processed before the online entries received that day. If you do not have a group of 50 request with your entry, you will go into the random draw after all requests have been processed.

$5 Online Transaction Fees and 5% Credit Card Fees on online transactions are non-refundable.

Absolutely no entries will be accepted after the online entries close until the event office opens onsite.

2021 Runnin’ With the Pack Membership Forms

2021 memberships are required in order to enter the $1,500 Added Pack sidepots. These can also be purchased on the online entry form for the event.


October Mail In Entry Form
Postmark deadline September 27

October Pony & PeeWee Entry Form
Postmark deadline September 27

October Online Entry   *Will Open to Everyone on August 26 @ 8:30 PM
Online entries will close on October 1 @ 10:00 PM