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MEMPHIS, TN June 4-6, 2021 Draw
Start Times – See Current Event Info for complete schedule of events
Thursday: Move-in day, No Arrivals before 12:00 PM – GATES WILL BE LOCKED (Coggins Papers required for ALL horses, Health Papers required for all out of state horses)

Thursday: 3:00-8:00 PM Training Sessions

Friday: 8:00-11:30 AM Training Sessions / 12:00 PM Open Race

Saturday: 9:00 AM PeeWee Race / BIG DRAG / Open Race

Sunday: 9:00 AM Pony Race / BIG DRAG / Open Race

Important Information Regarding Draw
Read Carefully

  • Events are listed in Alphabetical Order of events each day.
    (Fri. Adult, Fri. Derby, Fri. Futurity, Fri. Open, Fri. Senior, etc)You must continue to scroll down the page to see the Open draw.​
  • Draw for each event is listed in Alphabetical order by contestants’ last names.​
  • Please verify your side-pot entries to ensure we have you in the correct side-pot groups.​
  • All Future Fortunes entries must submit a FF entry form AND a copy of horse’s registration papers in order to be in the $50,000 sidepot on Saturday. WE WILL NOT make copies of your horse papers for the FF side-pot. Please bring your own copy for us to keep and submit to FF.
  • All Futurity, Derby sidepot entries must have registration papers on file prior to competing. These side-pots will not be paid out until all papers have been received and all horse have been verified as eligible to compete in their respective side-pots. NEW ELIGIBILITY YEAR BEGAN NOVEMBER 15, 2020!!
  • Saturday draw numbers beginning with SP denote Peewee carry-overs, draw numbers beginning with XP on Sunday Open denote Pony Race carry-overs.
  • If your horse name is listed as HORSE NAME REQUIRED, your entry did not include a horse name. We MUST have your horse name prior to your run.
  • There are TWO columns on each page of the draw sheets. Be sure to look at the draw numbers BEHIND your name, not in front of it.
  • If you pre-entered and did not get your requested group of 50 in the draw, it is because your requested group was already full when your entry was received. Those requesting a previously filled group were placed in the next available group in the draw. All requests are granted in the order they are received. There is a move-up list at the event which will be used in order of sign-ups as in draw outs are received. No one can be placed on the list until the entry office opens on Thursday. If you did not list any pre-entry requests, your entries went into the random draw after all requests were processed.
  • Open late entries close when the FIRST horse runs each day. NO EXCEPTIONS! Side-pots may be added anytime prior to your competition run.
  • Peewee entries close Friday night and Pony entries close Saturday night.
  • Note: Draw may or may not be full through any certain number each day, especially on Thursday/Friday when the most popular draw request is to be late. Do not assume that you will run late just because you did not pre-enter. Entries taken onsite are drawn randomly and will fill any open positions in the draw.
  • If you requested a very late number, be aware that the draw may not fill up to your number and if so you will move up in the draw. Check the RUNNING ORDER draw after the final draw has been posted to verify your actual run number.
  • Running Order draws will be posted online as time allows only as a courtesy to those wishing to follow along with the live webcast. Online running order draws are unofficial. Official draw lists are available onsite for contestants.
  • ​IF YOU FIND A MISTAKE OR OMISSION IN THE PRE-ENTRY DRAW EMAIL christy@luckydograces.com. Days prior to office opening are spent traveling and setting up. We will not be able to answer phone calls or monitor Facebook for messages during this time. We will respond to emails as soon as possible. However, once the event begins, all questions and concerns need to go through the entry office by phone or in person as we will not be able to regularly check e-mail during the event.

Memphis, TN June 4-6, 2021


Alphabetical Draw: 

Alphabetical Draw  – Updated June 6 @ 10:10 AM 

*Running order draws are only posted below as time allows each race day. See Alphabetical draw for most recent draw updates.

Open Running Order   

PeeWee Running Order

Open Running Order   


Pony Running Order

Open Running Order

Stall Assignments:

Stall Assignments 

RV Assignements ***If you are assigned to the LOWER LOT, you will be parked by the parking attendants upon arrival. If you will be arriving after 10:00 PM see the guard shack upon arrival.

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