WPRA: 2018 events are co-approved with the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association. Open races and the Average are approved for WPRA permit and card holders, Youth side-pots are approved for WPRA Junior members. Check ​each event’s details as well as the WPRA website or newsletter to verify approvals.

BBR: 2018 events will be approved by Better Barrel Races on a race by race basis. BBR members may earn regional points for year end awards and qualify for the BBR World Finals.

Future Fortunes: March event will feature $7,500 in FF bonus money for the BFA Futurity. September event will feature $10,000 in FF bonus money for the Open on Saturday. Bonus money is only available to horses that are paid in full to FF. There are no additional fees associated with this payout. The FF line must be marked at time of entry or added prior to your run. Registration papers showing the current owner must be submitted. See for details. Payout scales.

Select Stallion Stakes: December event will feature $10,000 in SSS bonus money. Bonus money is only available to enrolled SSS horses. There are no additional entry fees associated with this payout. See for details.

Runnin’ With the Pack: Lucky Dog contestants may join Runnin’ With the Pack with a $50 membership purchase per year. Extra added money side-pots are offered at each event as well as additional average awards at each event for Pack members only.

You do not have to be affiliated with any of these organizations to participate in any of our events.


Events will consist of 3 Open races with an Average between the Saturday and Sunday runs. Each horse that is entered in both races will automatically be eligible for the average. Friday races are not included in the Average. 3 optional rider side-pot groups as well as Futurity/Derby side-pots will be offered within each Open race. The Open, Average, and Rider side-pots will all be paid off in a 4D format with 1/2, 1/2, whole second splits. The Futurity side-pots will be paid off in a 2D format with a whole second split. The Derby side-pots will be a straight payoff.

Rider Side-pot Groups:
Youth side-pot age group will consist of those 18 and under as of the first date of the event, the Adult group will consist of those 19-44, and the Senior group will consist of those 45 and over. To be entered in a rider side-pot, contestants must first enter the Open. Each horse and rider combination makes one run in the Open race. Those who enter the rider side-pots have their times from the Open carried over to the appropriate side-pot group for a separate payout based on each age groups number of entries.

Runnin’ With the Pack Side-pot Groups:
Contestants must have a current year Pack membership before entering the Pack side-pots offered at each event. Contestants who enter these side-pots without a current membership will not be added to the side-pot until their membership is paid.

Futurity & Derby Side-pot Groups:
New eligibility year begins every December 1. Futurity & Derby Side-pots will be offered within each Open race. Beginning December 1, 2017, the Futurity side-pot is for horses age 4 or 5 (foal date of 2013 or 2014) that have never competed prior to Dec. 1, 2017. Derby side-pot is for horses age 7 and under (foal date of 2011 or later) unless horse competed as a 4 year old, then the cut off age is 6 (foal date of 2012 or later). Derby horses only have two years of Derby eligibility. Series prizes will be awarded with points running from Dec. 1, 2017 through Nov. 30, 2018.

Rodeo Side-pot Groups:
Rodeo Side-pots will be offered on Saturday & Sunday at certain 2017 events. In order to enter these side-pots, contestants must be a current permit or card holder of any recognized rodeo associations (such as but not limited to ACA, ARA, IPRA, WPRA, ACRA, CRRA, LRCA, etc) and list their card number at the time of entry. Contestants may enter as many horses as they like. Some of these side-pots will be co-approved with certain rodeo associations and money won on contestant’s highest placing horse will count towards their standings.

Pony Class Pony class will be offered at each 2018 event for riders 12 & under as of the first date of the event and ponies 52″ & under at the withers.
All ponies must be measured prior to competing. Once a pony has been measured for the season, it will be eligible for the remainder of the year. Each event will have a designated pony measurement time listed on the pony entry form.


Payout checks will be in check form and made payable to the rider. Contestants must have complete address and social security number on file in order to claim payout checks. 1099’s will be issued in the rider’s name to anyone earning more than $600 per year.

All checks not claimed at the event by contestants with complete tax information will be mailed to the contestant addresses on file no later than the Wednesday following the event at no cost to the contestant. Failure to have complete address and social security number on file will delay this process. Please verify your information is correct at the event if you have recently moved.

​Open: 75% of entry fees and 100% of all added money will be paid out in a 4D format. Added money and money from entry fees shall be distributed between the divisions in the following manner: 1D 35%, 2D 30%, 3D 20%, and 4D 15%.

The number of positions paid out in each division will be determined by the number of entries as follows:
75-100 pays 4 places, 101-125 pays 5 places, 126-150 pays 6 places, 151-175 pays 7 places, 176-200 pays 8 places, 201-225 pays 9 places, 226-250 pays 10 places, 251-275 pays 11 places, and 276-300 pays 12 places, and 301-375 pays 13 places, 376-450 pays 14 places, and 451 and over pays 15 places in each division. Ties will be split evenly. Open Payout Scale

Average: 75% of $10 entry fees collected from each Open run and 100% of all added money will be paid out in a 4D format. The Average payout is based on the horse. If there is a rider change between days the original rider will be awarded the money & points. Percentages per division will be the same as the Open. The number of positions paid out per division will be determined by the total number of open entries over both days as follows: 201-400 pays 4 places, 401-500 pays 5 places, 501-600 pays 6 places, 601-700 pays 7 places, and 701-800 pays 8 places, 801-850 pays 9 places, and 851 and over pays 10 places per division. Ties will be split evenly. Average Payout Scale

Pack Average: March, September, & December events will pay $100 plus awards to the winner of each division on a 5D format with half second splits based on the Saturday & Sunday Pack side-pot results. All other 2018 events will pay $50 plus awards to the winner of each division.

Rider & Pack side-pots: 80% of entry fees and 100% of any added money will be paid out in a 4D format. Percentages per division will be the same as the Open. The number of positions paid out per division will be determined by the number of entries as follows: 1-12 pays 1 place, 13-20 pays 2 places, 21-40 pays 3 places, 41-80 pays 4 places, 81-120 pays 5 places, 121-160 pays 6 places, 161-200 pays 7 places, and 201 and over pays 8 places in each division. Ties will be split evenly. Rider Side-pot Payout Scale

Futurity & Derby side-pots: 80% of entry fees and 100% of any added money will be paid out. Futurity payout will be 70% to 1D and 30% to 2D. Derby will be straight payout. One place will be paid in each division for every 4 entries. Must have a minimum of 2 entries.Horse Side-Pot Payout Scale

Rodeo side-pots:80% of entry fees and 100% of any added money will be paid out in a sweepstakes/straight payout format. These side-pots may be co-approved with certain rodeo associations to count towards their standings. One place will be paid for every 4 entries. Must have a minimum of 2 entries.Rodeo Payout Scale

Pony Class: 80% of entry fees and 100% of added money will be paid out in a 4D format. Percentages per division will be the same as the Open.Pony Payout Scale

Entries & Draw:

Pre-entries will be accepted if post-marked by the deadline listed for each event. Please do not mail entries after this time to ensure they are received. See each specific event’s detailed information for online entry closing dates and times. All online entries incur a credit card fee and $5 online entry fee per transaction.

Pre-entries may request to be drawn into any group of 50 (1-50, 51-100, 101-150, etc.) in the draw. These request must accompany the pre-entry and will be granted on a first come, first served basis in the order in which they are received. Positions will be drawn randomly within the requested group.​​ Requests are not guaranteed. Horses will be drawn to run in the order in which they appear on the entry form unless otherwise requested. Changing of horse positions in the draw after the draw is posted is not allowed.

​No entries, or stall/rv reservations will be accepted from the time the online entries close until the office opens at the event. Phone in entries will be accepted during designated office hours during the event only and must be paid for by credit card and incur a 5% credit card fee. ​​

The pre-entry draw will be published online the Wednesday before each event. Please be aware that no late fees causes a majority of contestants to enter at the event and those pre-entering may request a particular group of 50 in the draw. Those entering at the event will not be add-ons after the pre-entries, but will fill available positions within the pre-entries.​

It is the sole responsibility of the contestant to know their draw position. Failure to be present for a competition run will result in a scratch. In the event of a missed run, contestant will have the option to be added back in to the race at the very end by paying a second entry fee.​

Entries will be accepted at the event with no late fees until the FIRST horse runs each day. Positions will be randomly drawn for those entering at the event. ABSOLUTELY NO LATE OPEN ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THE FIRST HORSE RUNS DAILY.​

Onsite entries will be accepted with cash or credit card payment only, no checks. All credit card transactions incur a 5% credit card fee. Phone in entries will be accepted only during specific hours listed for each event with a credit card payment. See specific event’s information for office hours.​

There will be a $50 charge on all pre-entry returned checks and contestant will be on a cash only basis for a one year period.​

Exhibitions: will be available for $5 per run on a first come, first served basis during the event ONLY. Each event will have a designated exhibition sign up time and number of exhibitions to be sold. No pre-entries will be accepted for exhibitions prior to this time. No call-ins. You must have someone present to sign you up. Each person may enter themselves and one other person for exhibitions. Exhibitions will end 30 minutes prior to the start time of each race. No refunds. Any exhibitions over 60 seconds will incur a $10 fine payable before the race starts.​

Draw-Outs: Draw out forms may be submitted up until 1 hour prior to the scheduled start time of any competition for each race day. Absolutely no refunds will be given after this time. 75% refunds will be granted up until this time with a vet release, doctor’s release, or visible illness or injury ONLY. 90% refunds will be granted for any reason prior to the online entries closing. In order to receive a refund, contestants must submit an official draw out form by the designated deadline. Draw out forms received after this time will not constitute a refund. It is the sole responsibility of the contestant to ensure that the release is physically received by show management before the deadline in order to receive a refund. No refunds will be issued at the event. All refunds will be mailed by the Wednesday following the event in the form of a check made payable to the name and address provided on the draw out form.​

Horse or Rider changes will be accepted for any reason prior to the online entries closing. After this time, any changes will require a $10 fee per change. All changes must be submitted on an official Horse or Rider Change form prior to the contestant’s competition run. Each entry may change either the horse or the rider, but not both. Horse changes will not be accepted that are switching a rider’s existing horses’ positions in the draw. Forms are available on the “Events” page or at the entry office at the event. Failure to complete change forms prior to competing will result in disqualification.​

Competition Rules:

Dress Code: Dress code of a long sleeve shirt (no collar required), boots, and cowboy hat or helmet are to be worn during all competition runs at Lucky Dog events unless otherwise listed. Failure to be in dress code when entering the arena will result in disqualification.​

There will be a $10 hat fine for any contestant that loses their hat from any point after they enter the alley way until they have exited the alley way. 100% of hat fines collected will be donated to a charity of choosing by management. See each event’s information on which charitable cause has been selected for that event.​

Timer Malfunction: Two sets of electric eyes will be in use. In the event the primary timer fails to work, the back-up timer will be used. In the event that both timers fail a re-run will be awarded at the contestant’s discretion: 1.) immediately with a fresh drag, 2.) at the end of the next group of 50 with a fresh drag, or 3.) at the end of the event with a fresh drag. The rider must declare if he/she will accept a re-run before the next horse runs.​

The announcer will not indicate any malfunctions during a run. Any re-runs will carry over all penalties accumulated during the first run, thus no re-runs will be awarded for broken patterns or hit barrels.  Re-runs will not accumulate any additional penalties. If the contestant chooses not to re-run, he/she will receive a no time.​

Photographer: When one is present a photo will be taken of every horse (flash used). Contestants may not ask photographer to hold flash for any individual. Photos are property of photographer and cannot be used without written permission.​

Alley-way: There will be no circling beyond the mouth of the alley-way or a no-time will be assessed.​

Competition: No circling of barrels or training during competition runs. If the pattern is broken, rider may complete the pattern from the point of the break in a timely fashion or exit the arena immediately. Failure to do so will result in a $25 fine payable before the contestant’s next competition run.

No re-runs will be given if a horse falls, is pulled up by the rider or in the event of a rider’s equipment malfunction.

No money will be paid out on runs incurring a penalty for hit barrels.

Contestants entering more than one horse will be disqualified for running horses in the incorrect order. The average will be paid off by the horse. Each horse must be ran in the correct position.

There will be a $50 fine for any contestant who runs out of turn. Failure to pay fine will result in disqualification. If a contestant runs out of turn, a regular drag will occur before continuing.

Inhumane treatment of any horse or dog during any Lucky Dog events will not be tolerated. Anyone who excessively whips or strikes a horse’s ears or face with anything other than the hand, either in the arena or on the facility grounds will be fined $100. Any individual who has been warned for such behavior and persists or refutes the warning shall be fined an additional $100. Any rider caught using an electronic device on a horse during competition will be automatically disqualified and shall forfeit all winnings.

Drags: During competition runs, there will be a regular drag after every 5 runs and a big drag after every 50. There will be a big drag between any change in classes such as Pony race, Futurity, Derby, American Qualifier, etc.

Fines & Disqualifications: All fines are to be paid in cash in the show office. Contestants with outstanding fines will not be allowed to compete until such time as the fines have been paid. Any fines that need to be paid while the race is still in progress, but after the entry office closes at 10:00 PM each night should be paid to the announcer’s stand during a drag only!

Any act deemed prejudicial to the best interests of Lucky Dog Productions may result in the disqualification of the contestant, with no refund of entry fees. The contestant may also be prohibited from attending any other Lucky Dog Productions events for any given length of time. These acts may include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Using abusive or intemperate language or attempting to threaten, bribe, influence, or harass any contestant, spectator, staff member, or arena personnel.
    b. Moving or attempting to move markers at any time.
    c. Use of electronic and/or remotely controlled devices to alter the outcome of a run.
    d. Abuse or neglect of a horse or dog as defined within these rules.
    e. Competing while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
    f. Misidentifying a horse in any race/class.
    g. Misidentifying a rider in any race/class.
    h. Failure to make good on a returned check and related returned check fees.



Event Awards:

Contestants are not required to be present to receive awards, but may be asked to share expense of shipping awards. If a contestant has left the premises before collecting their awards he/she may either designate a person to collect awards for him/her or make arrangements to collect the awards at another event.

In the event of a tie for Average awards, the tie will be broken by the first race times. The contestant who ran the fastest time in the first race will receive the awards.

2018 Series Points:

The top 10 contestants in each division of the Open at the end of the series will be awarded prizes. All 3 races at each event will count towards the point standings. No membership/nomination fee or minimum number of shows is required to be eligible for any series awards excluding Runnin’ With the Pack awards.​

Each contestant may only receive one top 10 or High Money award. If a contestant is in the top 5 in more than one division at the end of the series, awards for the division they are placing the highest in will be awarded to them and the next contestant in line in the other divisions will receive the awards for those divisions. Ties for awards will be broken first by the number of events attended, then by coin flip if still tied.

Divisional Standings Contestants will earn points in the division their time falls in based on the following point system.

First place in each division will receive 25 points, 2nd place 24 points, 3rd place 23 points and so on, through 20th place. Each contestant from 21st place down in each division will receive 5 points each.

Divisional Points will be based on contestant only including all horses entered throughout the series. If a contestant places in the same division on more than one horse, the highest placing horse will receive the points and any other horses ridden by the same contestant placing in that same division will receive only 5 points regardless of how high they place, thus skipping down to the next contestant to award the next set of points.

High Money Standings will include money won in the Open, Average, and Rider side-pots during all 3 races at each event. Runnin’ with the Pack side-pots and Pack Average earnings will also count towards series and event high money standings. Futurity, Derby, WPRA and Pony earnings are excluded from the high money standings.​

Futurity & Derby Standings Points will be accumulated by the Horse, not the rider. Points will be awarded by the number of horses you outrun plus five base points for all clean runs. Points will be awarded in a sweepstakes format with no division breaks. Example: If there are 15 entries; first place would receive 14+5=19 pts, 2nd place 13+5=18 pts, etc. The top 5 horses in both the Futurity & Derby at the conclusion of the series will receive awards. We reserve the right to increase the number of awards given based on participation and/or additional sponsorships. Futurity & Derby prizes are awarded in addition to Open prizes, prizes earned by a rider’s horse will not exclude the rider from accepting Open awards. 2018 Futurity & Derby point season runs December 1, 2017 through the November event.​

Pony Standings Points will be accumulated in the same manner as the Open by division and include all pony races at each event. High Point saddle will be awarded to the High Point earner in any single division at end of series.​

Triple the Luck Standings Points will be awarded in the same manner as Series Divisional Points for all three Tunica events. Saddles will be awarded to the High point earner in each division. Each contestant may only win one saddle. Acceptance of awards from this series does not exclude contestants from accepting Overall 2018 Series awards.​

Runnin’ with the Pack Standings Points will be accumulated from each Runnin’ with the Pack side-pot in the same manner as Open points are accumulated but on a 5D scale with half second splits. Year-end Martin trophy saddle certificates will be presented to the year-end high point winner of each division. Acceptance of Runnin’ with the Pack series awards do not exclude contestants from accepting Overall 2018 Series awards.

Running With the Pack Memberships:

Membership fees are $50 for the 2018 season. Membership is effective from date of purchase until December 2, 2018. All members are eligible for special awards to the highest placing members in the average at each event and eligibility to enter members only side-pots at each event in 2018. Guaranteed minimum $2,000 Added member’s only side-post at the Texarkana event in March, minimum $5,000 Added members only side-pots at the Memphis event in December, and guaranteed minimum $1,000 Added members only side-pots at all other 2018 events with low $25 entry fee and 80% payback of entry fees. Series Runnin’ with the Pack Side-pot Champions also receives trophy saddles.

Any questions or disputes which may arise during the course of any Lucky Dog event not covered by the above rules will be decided and settled by Lucky Dog Productions management and all decisions will be final.